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As a laboratory specialised in water analysis, LGA has extensive experience in drinking water supply control. LGA provides its services to major companies, organisations, municipal entities, laboratories, and individuals.

LGA carries out the following activities:

  • Drinking water analysis according to Royal Decree 140/2003.
  • Result management for inclusion in the National Drinking Water Information System (SINAC).
  • Production and maintenance of supply area management and self-control protocols.
  • Analysis and study of underground and surface water destined for potable water production.
  • Analysis of food industry water quality.
  • Technical consulting and analysis of water treatment installations (water softeners, osmosis, etc.).
  • Technical consulting, carrying out jar tests, etc., in order to properly manage treatment plants.
  • Providing food handler courses for personnel and technicians associated with potable water supply, providing SINAC courses, etc.

We collaborate with major companies, organisations, and municipal entities on water analysis. Our extensive client portfolio and amassed experience helps us deeply understand the needs of our clients in order to provide them with the most appropriate solution.

We carry out rigorous and reliable publicly consumed potable water quality controls according to that established by Royal Decree 140/2003. Parameters analysed: all analyses stipulated by current law RD140 are analysed. Thanks to its innovation policy, LGA goes further than the law and carries out analysis included in the draft of the new drinking water directive, which is awaiting approval. Read directive