On-site sampling and analysis

//On-site sampling and analysis
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At LGA, we are backed by highly-specialised personnel with experience in carrying out field work. We provide fast service and work closely with our clients. We take simple and composite samples, and provide on-site analysis.

  • On-site measurement of various parameters with portable equipment.
  • Effluent classification.
  • Sample-taking.
  • 24-hour sampling with an automatic sampler (with or without refrigeration).
  • Measuring flows in open channels.
  • Sanitation network inspections with video camera robot.
  • Piezometric elevation measurements and underground water sampling.


  • We are backed by personnel specialised in sampling different matrices (water, soil, etc.), equipment, and specific material means (automatic samplers, dredgers, vessels, refrigerated transport material, etc.).
  • Planning and completing drinking water, wastewater, fresh water, and process sampling, etc.
  • Composite sampling using automatic samplers, in function of time or proportional to the flow.
  • Sampling with SCRAB (Remote Effluent Control System), that includes continuous pH, conductivity, temperature, and organic material monitoring, with data transferred via GSM.
  • Surface water sampling in rivers, reservoirs, and areas that are difficult to access by using drones.

On-site measurements

On-site measurements including the determination of parameters that must be measured immediately, or field measurement is recommended. LGA has a specific App to load on-site data and provide geo-referencing for the data measured.

At LGA, we adapt our on-site sample management App to each client’s needs, and communicate with data servers so that they can be integrated.